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Discover a blend of auditory enhancement and sleep monitoring with a focus on cognitive restructuring. Our technology links auditory stimuli to physiological and emotional insights, enhancing sleep quality and mental well-being. It’s a journey of transformative mental wellness that evolves with you from infancy onward.

Unique Features

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Comprehensive Sleep and Emotional Analysis

Our Device offers advanced analysis of both sleep and emotional states by integrating auditory, emotional, and cognitive data in real-time. It captures a wide range of physiological and psychological parameters, such as heart rate variability, emotional triggers, and sleep quality metrics, to offer a comprehensive overview of the user's well-being. This depth of analysis allows for precise interventions and insights that can lead to significant improvements in sleep and overall mental health.

Dynamic Audio-Responsive System

Our Device stands out with its ability to dynamically adapt to auditory stimuli and psychological states. It not only monitors but also actively adjusts the audio content in response to detected emotional and physiological cues, providing a highly personalized auditory experience. This feature is particularly effective in creating a soothing environment conducive to better sleep and emotional regulation.

Real-Time Adaptive Feedback

With its advanced real-time feedback mechanism, our Device rapidly adapts therapeutic content to suit the user’s current emotional and physiological states. This responsiveness ensures that the interventions are timely and appropriate, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the sleep and emotional well-being strategies offered by the system.

Sophisticated Emotional and Content Scoring

Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms, our Device accurately assesses and scores emotional responses and the efficacy of the content provided. This allows for a nuanced understanding of the user's emotional landscape and the effectiveness of different content types, ensuring that users receive the most beneficial auditory and visual stimuli for their specific needs.

Psychological Interventions via Self-Affirmation Theory

This unique feature of the system employs self-affirmation theory to facilitate positive psychological changes. By helping users focus on their values and strengths through tailored content, the Device effectively enhances self-esteem and resilience, contributing to better mental health and improved sleep quality.

Holistic Strategy Beyond Physiology

Our Device’s holistic approach extends beyond basic physiological monitoring. It encompasses an in-depth analysis of psychological states and employs a custom, adaptive content delivery mechanism. This comprehensive strategy ensures not just physical well-being but also addresses emotional and cognitive health, making it a complete solution for enhancing sleep quality and overall emotional well-being.

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Helen Coco

Founder & CEO

Peter Coco

Co-Founder & COO

Simon Laerkegaard

Financial Manager

Jesper Aggerholm

Technical Lead

Veronika Belkova

Data Protection Officer and Inhouse Legal

Kateryna Kuzmenko

Marketing Lead

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Our Core UN SDG focus

Good Health and Well-being

Lille Coco combats today's emotional challenges with tech-driven solutions. We tackle mental, emotional, and sleep issues, focusing on kids' emotional growth and reshaping adults' self-view. Our mission? Reverse decline, offering universal solutions for measurable, positive change regardless of circumstances.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

The mental health system is fundamentally under resourced and unable to cope with demand. Simply digitizing the system will not fully solve this issue. Our approach is to provide an innovative and scalable technical solution that works with conventional therapy to increase its effectiveness, affordability and accessibility.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Lille Coco thrives on providing transformative, lasting products fostering personal resilience. Our goal? Crafting individuals resilient to digital chaos. With one-time purchases and lifelong support, engagement fuels self-improvement. Our ethos centers on a fair exchange of value—our success tied to delivering continual worth.

Partnerships for the

To combat the mental health crisis, we need diverse professionals, creators and partnerships. It's about curbing toxicity, empowering everyone, and creating supportive structures. Collaboration, strong leadership, and Lille Coco's drive are crucial. Success relies on forging the right alliances

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